How Trolling Can Help You Get a 4.0

I know this sounds like a joke post.

Trolling, the same trolling people use to make fun or sarcastic remarks on the Internet, can help you get a 4.0 grade on an assignment or quiz in college.

Below chronicles my discovery of how trolling can lead to good grades.

*As a disclaimer, I have only written my trolling comments in this post. These are thoughts or comments I made aloud in my own home in front of my family. These are not intended to hurt Bruce.*


How It Started

For one of my college summer school classes this week I had to watch a video on flint knapping. If you don’t know what this is, flint knapping is the process of chipping away stone flakes from a core to make stone tool our Prehistoric human ancestors used.

I know, it sounds super exciting. Well, not to me anyway.


Let the Trolling Begin

I clicked on the video to watch Bruce*, an experienced flint knapper, make stone tools for 45 minutes. (*I have only chosen to reveal his first name.)

Here’s a clip of what I watched for 45 minutes.

I had no clue how I was going to watch the entire video. I knew I had to view it all if I wanted to do well on my upcoming assignments and quizzes.

I thought I would get the video over with, and just started it.

After watching the first five seconds, I stopped it and mockingly imitated the motion of clinking rocks. It garnered a laugh from my mother who was nearby. I laughed myself too, and went back to the video.

As soon as the black screen revealed Bruce, I paused it again. I told my mom, “Bruce is such a stunner. I can’t take my eyes off of him. I have to watch the whole thing now.” My mother, curious, came over to take a look.

Bruce, the man I trolled to get a 4.0 gradeHere’s a picture of Bruce from the video.

You can probably guess our reaction.

These comments went on for the video’s duration. What should have only taken me 45 minutes, took me over an hour to finish the whole thing.

Trolling as a Study Technique to Get a 4.0

Trolling Bruce and making these comments made me engage with the content. I mocked his actions and added sarcastic comments, but I was made fun of what he said and did. This indirectly helped me understand and absorb the content he communicated.

Luckily, the quiz this week covered this video. I could answer all of the questions correctly and quickly because I remembered the trolls I made. I received a 4.0 grade on this quiz.

I secretly hope for more videos to make more trolls, and hopefully get more 4.0 grades.


Unlike the word Smarticle, I really hope I invented this idea first this time. Have fun trolling for good grades. Comment if you get a 4.0 on your next assignment or quiz!