My College Life

Hi, I’m Mercedes Salisbury.

First I have to ask: Do I look Smarticle? (source)Smarticle is how I define my college life

If the goofiness and smart-looking glasses didn’t give it away, Smarticle is how I live my life.

I created this blog to find balance in my college life. I am a junior at Michigan State University studying Creative Advertising. This is where my Smarticle-ness begins.

It’s easy for my to feel like college is my life. I take on a full course load each semester. I have been summer school the past seven years to get ahead, and yes, that started back in high school. (Sidenote- This was also when I thought I invented the word Smarticle in 2009. Apparently, someone stole the word two years earlier.)

Mastering these courses does not come without hours spent completing course homework or projects, although sometimes my natural smartness (or smarticle-ness) does help make this process easier. Especially when I try to maintain my 4.0 GPA.

The rest of my smarticle-ness comes from what I learned at my jobs and on my own. I work two jobs and manage two Facebook pages. I create content frequently for my own social media accounts, especially Instagram and Twitter, since I want to work in the social media industry upon graduation. The best way to learn is trying it out and failing on your own.

Keeping my 4.0 GPA and my work schedule can throw off my life balance, which happens often. Then I remember the college saying, “You can have only two of these three things, but can never have it all: good grades, a social life, and (some) sleep.”

If you couldn’t tell already, I am the type of person that wants it all.

Smarticle chronicles my experience of striving for work (work) life balance in my college life. Each week’s post will revolve around one of these topics and offer tips on how to: get good grades, have a social life, get (some) sleep, and have a work work life balance. The daily struggle will show my goofy side and how I survive summer school.

Here you can see that maybe you can have all three.


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