Daily Struggle: Re-establishing Work Work Life Balance After Vacation

One of my goals this summer is creating a work work life balance into my daily college life. So far, I feel the two works, college and my jobs, have dominated my life the past few semesters and want to spend more time each day doing something for me.

I have taken steps, to make myself a priority, using the warning signs from my first post. I watch one TV Show each day for an hour, eating dinner with my parents (when I’m not working the night shift) and am enjoying my days more.

Recently, I visited my grandparents for six days, with only doing homework the first two nights. I taught them how to navigate their new computer (a Windows 8) and sit and relax by their pool. I even discovered a new app I love using every day, ROOM For Thought. I had finally felt like I had gotten my desperately needed break.

As soon as I stepped off my plane, an oh sh*t moment arrived. I came home about one week ago. I had an exam in one week that I have not even studied for. I had an exam in two days that I have not completed the work this week for. I had not created documents I said I would put together for my job.

In this moment, I chose to be stressed, instead of riding out my vacation high.

As I tried cramming for my exams and attempted to get everything done, I was unhappy and unsatisfied. And no, that wasn’t just because I couldn’t get everything done. I knew I was heading down a path that I was now aware I didn’t want to go back down. Stressing over a 4.0 is not worth wasting your life away. Coming from a 4.0 student, I do have regrets and coulda/shoulda/wouldas.

Now, I choose to do what I want, within reason and make my life my priority. Like Drake said, “You Only Live Once,” so I might as well spend time with my family and not keep writing.

YOLO reminds me to have work work life balance(source)